7 Crystal Meth Drug Fast Facts

Crystal Meth Drug Dangers

Crystal meth (methamphetamine) is an addictive synthetic drug. It has the appearance of small pieces of glass or shiny bluish white rocks. The crystal meth drug produces a euphoria that is long-lasting, and it has a higher purity level than the powdered variety. Crystal meth drug also produces more intense physiological effects.

Crystal Meth Drug Facts

  • The crystal meth drug affects the brain by increasing the amount of dopamine, which is an integral part of body movement, motivation, pleasure, and reward. The high levels of dopamine that are released rapidly are responsible for the euphoria users experience. While in a state of euphoria, a user is separated from any day-to-day problems and feels no sense of responsibility to family, friends, or job. The euphoric state is the psychological part of the addiction that keeps people using the drug. These and other facts about meth use help doctors and researchers understand the addictive properties of this powerful drug.
  • Facts about meth use include the drug being smoked in glass pipes, injected (often dissolved in water) swallowed, snorted, and less commonly by insertion into the anus or urethra.
  • Common names for crystal meth are ice and glass. Some street names include cristy, blade, batu, hot ice, super ice, stove top, and shards. Names for the drug can vary in different neighborhoods, but dealers and customers have no problem communicating the sale and purchase of crystal meth, which is a Schedule II substance under the Controlled Substances Act.

More Facts About Meth

  • There are numerous risks associated with the use of crystal meth, which is considered one of the most dangerous illegal drugs. Anxiety and depression are common side effects of meth. Other issues include insomnia, confusion, dental health issues, skin problems, and cognitive damage. The psychotic issues that accompany addiction to meth can include violent behavior that doesn't always end when the user has stopped taking the drug. Risky sexual behavior is common because the libido is increased the inhibitions are decreased. Illicit sex choices frequently result physical ailments and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • Serious physical problems can result from the use of meth, including rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, and damage to small blood vessels in the brain resulting in a possible stroke. Chronic users risk damage to the heart. Users who inject meth are at risk of contracting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B and C and a number of blood-borne viruses. Additional facts about meth injection dangers include the risk of scarred or collapsed veins, heart lining and valve infections, abscesses, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and liver or kidney disease.

Meth Addiction Facts

  • These meth addiction facts help users know if they have developed a tolerance and dependence on the drug. Addicts feel like they need the drug just to get through the day. When addicts don't have any meth they experience nausea, sweating, anxiety, dry mouth, shaking, and fatigue. Loss of ability to control the dosage used is another sign of addiction. Everything in life revolves about getting the meth and using it. Family, friends, and work are no longer priorities. Addicts will continue to use meth even though they know it is destroying their health and life.
  • Meth addiction facts about withdrawal are clear about the seriousness of the "comedown." The user going through withdrawal will experience lethargy, excessive sleeping, anxiety, weight gain, paranoia, and deep depression. The depression that follows crystal meth drug withdrawal is severe and long-lasting. Cravings for the drug may continue for months. The importance of supervised withdrawal, counseling, and therapy can't be stressed too strongly.

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