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Drug addiction and alcoholism are more prevalent during periods of depression, economic or otherwise. The current economy adds to the stress levels of individuals who may already have an underlying disorder that can promote the use of drugs as a form of self-medication and eventually lead to the need for drug rehab. This is seen often at drug rehab centers, many times in highly successful and over-achieving types who have difficulties dealing with uncertainty and loss of control.

Others needing drug rehab feed off the emotions that are afflicting others and in their helplessness will seek out drugs or alcohol to help them deal with the emotional pains they experience. There is no one reason that someone turns to substances abuse, but stress certainly is a large contributor to many situations that can trigger abuse.

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Causes of Addiction

Some people's difficulties with addiction begin with genetic markers, a predetermination, if you will. Others are a result of an underlying disorder such as depression. Still more are environmental and learned behaviors of abuse and addiction. Whichever the reason for the addiction, the results are the same—a progressive cycle of use and abuse until the addict finally has a painful or life-threatening experience or finds themselves in trouble with the law.

Very few users are willing to take the steps necessary to end their suffering without one of these life-changing events, however friends and family oftentimes try to reach out to those who haven't hit that point yet and offer them the opportunity to seek help through drug rehab before the police or ambulance arrives.

Living with Addiction

Substance abuse is a prison sentence for many. They wake up sick or anxious, unable to function until they have their drugs or receive that all important phone call or text from their dealer saying that the next dose is on the way. For many with drug abuse related habits, the users have already worked out how many pills they can have on them should they be stopped by police and therefore live day to day with the worry and instability of not knowing reliably where their next "hit" is coming from.

No one wants to live like that, especially when the highs stop being intense and there is no reprieve from the suffering felt waiting to take more of the drug. For some users they have reached the point where they are literally using all day just to keep from getting sick.

Battling Dependency

The way dependency feels is so far from the euphoria that drug use begins with that it almost feels like they got the raw end of the deal for many. Living a fulfilling and productive life can be difficult with an addiction looming overhead. Getting the help needed to break free from the clutches of substance abuse can lead to a life of prosperity and happiness.

Reaching Out

It is never easy to ask for help, especially when so much guilt, self-loathing, and shame is attached but the fact is that it's better to ask for help than to deal with the consequences of addiction. No one wants to be forced into drug rehab. No one wants to be forced into anything. And no one wants to be forced to take a drug, so by reaching out help with dependency can be closer than imagined.

If you are struggling with addiction or if you have a loved one who is truly in need of help do not wait for the worst to happen—and it will happen if intervention and treatment do not occur. Seek help and stop the cycle, end the pain, and begin the healing process. Call Drug Treatment Naples today at (877) 804-1531.

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