Medical Detoxification Programs in Naples Florida

Medical detox is for individuals who have a chemical dependency on drugs or alcohol and need a facility to help them safely withdraw from the substance. Many can cause the body to undergo severe symptoms so a monitored medical detox may be necessary. Drugs that are categorized as depressants, like alcohol and sleep aids, are actually more dangerous to withdraw from than stimulants such as methamphetamines or cocaine. Delirium Tremens, or "DT"s, are a dangerous and sometimes fatal result of withdrawing from alcohol or benzodiazapines without the appropriate medical detox professionals to help.

It is unfortunate that alcohol is not viewed at the same level as cocaine or heroin when it comes to cessation. Unlike cocaine, withdrawal from alcohol without a medical detox, in a non-hospital environment can be deadly. It is recommend that even if someone cannot afford a full rehab experience that they at least check into a facility for medical supervision of their detox.

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Why Not "Cold Turkey" Detox?

There are many different approaches to drug cessation but the truth is that the only time a medical professional will suggest weaning off a drug slowly is if the immediate cession could cause irreparable harm to the patient. Otherwise the risk of weaning off is that of recidivism into drug or alcohol use and abuse.

With the cold turkey approach there is more discomfort in the short term, but it also enables the addict to heal quicker and therefore move into treatment and relapse prevention programs sooner. It is dangerous to attempt without a medical professional though and is not recommended.

Medical Detox Treatment Centers

Treatment centers use a medical approach to drug and alcohol detox. Patients are placed into an inpatient, medical center where they are monitored 24 hours a day. Specialists are experts in understanding the symptoms related to withdrawal with a full understanding of which ones are signs of significant adverse events.

Delirium tremens have been responsible for taking the life of individuals even in a hospital environment, therefore it is important not only to detoxify from alcohol in a medical environment, but also one where the medical staff has years of experience in addiction treatment and withdrawal. When these types of serious medical events take place, immediate intervention is required.

Many addicts who try to detoxify at home often experience depression, fear, and uncertainty because they experience was so taxing and uncomfortable upon their body. This is why most treatment specialists are hesitant to recommend someone going cold turkey at home.

Detox Affects Each User Differently

Drug detox is different for every individual and every substance. There are different types of drugs and each type has its own "grip" on the individual. Drugs like cocaine have a strong psychological dependency associated with them, but are without the physical/chemical dependencies of drugs of the opiate family or even alcohol.

People who enter rehab for cocaine addiction will have a different treatment modal associated with their detoxification than would someone being brought in for heroin addiction or an addiction to benzodiazepines. When people check into rehab for a drug detox, oftentimes they come to us with more than one dependency. There are people who have been self-medicating for so long that they have addictions to both uppers and downers. It is not out of the ordinary for people to enter rehab with an addiction to both opiates and cocaine.

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