Naples Addiction Intervention

Naples addiction intervention centers provide several methods for getting your loved one into rehab. An intervention is a meeting and/or discussion with a person in an attempt to try to get him or her to change a behavior - usually substance abuse. Addiction interventions can be difficult to approach because family or friends can recognize a problem in a loved one, yet be uncertain what to say or how to say it. Fortunately, there are Naples intervention specialists that can provide assistance and guidance.

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How to Conduct an Intervention

Several methods and approaches exist to conducting an intervention. The "right" option depends upon your loved one. Some people prefer to be spoken to directly while others may have fallen so deep into their addictions that only a serious ultimatum will get a response. However, there are some basic steps that are often a part of every intervention:

  • Reflection: A person or group should reflect on how a person's substance abuse has affected his or her life as well as that of the people around him or her.
  • Consultation: A person and/or family may wish to consult an intervention expert, such as one from a local drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility. This person can provide guidance and may even be present at the intervention itself.
  • Select a Time: Some interventions are planned with the person, some are planned without and as a surprise. The choice of intervention method can guide this approach.
  • Hold the Meeting: An intervention is the result of observations that a person has a serious problem. While the meeting should not be conducted without proper planning, it is important not to put off the meeting for too long.

Formal vs. Informal Intervention

Interventions can be informal versus formal. An informal intervention is a personal discussion with your loved one. This is usually in a one-on-one environment. A formal intervention is a structured conversation that usually involves a group, and often an addiction or intervention specialist.

Recovery Programs

Once initial detox treatment has been completed, it is highly recommended that patients attend Naples recovery programs, which offer cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and Motivational Incentives. Outside support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous ( and Narcotics Anonymous ( let addicts shares experiences with like-minded people in a safe environment. Drug addiction recovery programs in Naples can help you get back on your feet. Find help today!

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