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Excessive drinking is often seen as an addiction that does not require an alcoholism treatment center to overcome yet it is probably the most difficult substance to stop using because it is a commonplace item on store shelves and a much used social item. People who quit at home usually fall back into drinking several times before they finally make the choice to get sober with alcoholism treatment. This is mostly caused by underestimation of the difficulties of kicking the addiction and a lack of understanding of alcoholism treatment and recovery.

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Modern treatment centers owe a great deal to the Alcoholics Anonymous program that provided one of the first attempts at defining the disease and providing a model for sobriety. Cold turkey and 12 step programs provide group support and a methodology of total abstinence that work only in the short term for many.

Unfortunately, over the long term this does not always work. This is largely because the model was created at a time when people knew very little about the disease of addiction. Individuals who have underlying disorders that go untreated in this model often fall back into using and with greater shame than when they first discovered they were an alcoholic because they "failed the group" or "failed the plan".

Treatment Process

The process of treating this disease begins with detoxification in a safe and nurturing environment. Patients are assisted through this rather uncomfortable portion of their rehabilitation process. It is well-understood by all on staff that the detox portion of treatment is fraught with more potential risk to the health of the patient due to delirium tremens that are associated with cessation of the substance. The goal is to both assist with detox, but also be watchful and ready should symptoms arise that put the patient at risk.

Once the patient undergoes detox therapy begins that helps him or her better understand why they became an alcoholic and what triggers their drinking. Many users are binge drinkers or intermittent abusers with long periods of sobriety and then months of reckless drinking that leads to problems with relationships, work, and even the law.

It is the professional's goals to help the addict better understand what is really going on in his or her experiences with alcohol, get to the root of the addiction, and how their drinking manifests itself. Some people are seasonal binge drinkers while others are daily drinkers. Knowing the causes of the abuse as well as the habits of the abuser makes it easier for the counselors to define a treatment and recovery plan for the alcoholic.

Therapy and Recovery

Therapy includes individual counseling and group counseling similar to the 12 Step Programs referenced earlier. Peer support is imperative for addicts and users because no one can permanently live in a drug rehab environment. When the addict leaves they will require a support network of people who understand what they are going through. It is important to have someone who can stay with you during moments of weakness.

However, no one is shoved out of the door. Patients stay until they can leave and remain sober. The goals is to ensure that each patient has a clear relapse and recovery plan and an understanding of that plan that will enable them to live sober. When the tools needed are put in place to live free from alcohol, the user ready to go home.

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