Best Drug Rehab Treatment Centers in Naples, FL

Many people who hesitate to get treatment are still under the misconception that drug rehab is only about halting drug use and going through a formulaic 12-Step program. Nothing could be further from the truth. At various drug treatment facilities in Naples, Florida, they may take an individualized approach to recovery programs and incorporate evidence-based holistic, conventional and cutting-edge intervention process to effect recovery. Use this directory of various Drug Treatment in Naples in order to look for a center that meets your needs.

To begin with, at the number of substance treatment centers in Naples, every patient is assigned an intervention team that evaluates, plan and oversee the administration of their treatment process. If the patient is already going through severe withdrawals, we seek to stabilize them before making a thorough physical and psychological assessment. The board-certified medical professionals at the many Drug Treatment Centers in Naples are also uniquely qualified because in addition to having a high level of expertise in addiction treatment may have been directly impacted by this condition.

The combination of these qualifications brings a unique quality to the drug treatment process. As a result, patients experience a high level of empathy and understanding that is extremely helpful while recovering from addiction.

In addition to the initial patient assessments, counselors may also review extenuating information and circumstances that are almost always unique to each patient such as:

  • Their genetic makeup
  • Home, work, and recreational environments
  • Family dynamics; i.e. marital relationship, interaction with siblings and other family members.
  • Undiagnosed Mental disorders
  • Unresolved trauma
  • Hidden stressors

This evaluation process help to determine the needs and healing modalities that will be most beneficial for the patient. They also encourage and incorporate input from the patient relevant to what they hope to achieve beyond halting drug use as well as any fears or concerns about being in rehab and life afterward.

In recent years, scientific research has led to the redefinition of addiction from a behavioral disorder to a relapsing brain disease. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the nuances of drug and alcohol addiction is still a mystery for many. Most people still hold to the false belief that it is a moral failing or lack of willpower that keeps them and others trapped in the cycles of addiction.

In reality, drugs change the brain in ways that foster compulsive drug abuse and despite serious and often life-threatening consequences quitting is still difficult for some and impossible for others without professional intervention. And, even for those who are able to halt drug use on their own, without shifts in behavior pattern, many relapse.

At the number of Drug Treatment Centers in Naples FL, they provide the tools and techniques in the way of psychotherapy, group counseling, holistic programs, biofeedback and relapse prevention education and training that facilitate a full recovery. You are also encouraged and inspired through these and various other programs to have confidence and belief in your ability to overcome addiction for the rest of your life.

At the various substance treatment facilities, their treatment philosophy revolves around the positive belief that recovery, growth, and improvement is possible with a continuum of care and commitment to the process of rehabilitation.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Naples

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Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Naples, Florida

Your recovery from addiction starts today. When you need alcohol treatment in Naples, or you are searching for drug treatment centers in Naples, it's time to prepare yourself to get help for addiction. It's not easy to make the choice to get treatment for your addiction, but it is easy to decide that you don't want to live the life of an addict any longer. When you decide that you deserve to heal from your addiction, nothing will be able to stand in your way. Whether you need a short-term rehabilitation program after a relapse, or you are looking to find a sober living residential program to live among peers, it's time to reach out and get the support you need. Use this directory of various facilities that offer Drug Treatment in Naples to help you narrow down your options when it comes to treatment.

Begin Your Recovery Through Alcohol Treatment in Naples Florida

Alcohol addiction requires professional alcohol treatment in Naples in order to overcome the addiction. Some individuals try to stop cold-turkey, which can only exacerbate the problem. Alcohol addiction treatment allows you to better understand what addiction is and how your behavior may be contributing to your problem. Recognizing the need for alcohol addiction treatment often takes longer than realizing a drug addiction has gone too far. The social acceptance of alcohol use and abuse makes it hard for many alcoholics to admit that they have an issue.

The various types of addiction treatment you can find at one of the centers that offer Drug Treatment in Naples include:

•   Supervised Detox Treatment: In a supervised drug rehab in Naples for detox, you will have care provided to you 24 hours a day. Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can produce dangerous side effects, and supervision is the only safe way to go through a detox. At a supervised detox facility, you will get the support you need to get through your withdrawal in a safe manner. With the supervision provided, you will always have someone there to talk to if you are nervous or struggling with the process of detox.

•   Residential Treatment Short-term: Residential treatment is provided for those who are detoxed from substances and aren't ready to return home. You might stay a few days in a short-term residential, up to a few weeks, depending on your specific needs for treatment. Your stay in a short-term residential program could even go a month or two if necessary. In a short-term program, you will learn the basics of recovery and attend groups throughout the day. You will work with a counselor to develop a treatment plan. Together you will discuss your treatment goals and develop a plan that is right for you.

•   Long-term Residential Treatment: Long-term residential treatment allows you to continue your growth in recovery without having to worry about returning home too soon. A long-term residential program can offer you treatment for six months or more, providing you with a safe, secure place to work on your recovery goals. For individuals who have been struggling with an addiction for years, long-term residential treatment may be the best option. Going home to fast after a detox can lead to a quick relapse.

•   Sober Living Residential Treatment: A sober living residential program is all about community. When you are early on in your sobriety, having a supportive community around you is critical to your long-term success. In a sober living program, you will have the ability to start getting back into the community while at the same time having the structure and rules of a residential treatment program. It's an excellent way to build up towards full independence, as you will have guidance to help you find employment and move forward with your life. The people you meet at a sober living residential program are all working on their sobriety as well. Those that are doing well in the program may become lifelong friends that help support you throughout your recovery and sobriety.

•   Outpatient Treatment Services for Rehabilitation: Outpatient treatment for addiction in Naples can include individual therapy, and IOP, or Intensive Outpatient Program, group therapy, or a PHP, or Partial Hospitalization Program. Any treatment where you don't live at the facility can be considered outpatient treatment. If you have a comfortable and safe home environment where you feel supported, you might be able to return home and go to a PHP during the day. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs for addiction treatment in Naples are intense programs that are designed to be a step down from a supervised detox or intensive residential program. For those who can return home after detox, you might go right from detox to a PHP. While a patient at a PHP, you attend intense treatment throughout the day and follow a schedule. You will also work closely with a counselor and continue the work you started on an individual treatment plan while in detox.

An Intensive Outreach Program gives you support during the day, but you spend less time in programming than you would with a PHP placement. You continue to attend groups and work with a counselor in an IOP, but you may not have to go to the program every day. Your participation in treatment and your need to go each day will be determined by you and your counselor as part of your treatment plan.

Relapse Prevention Strategies for Those in Recovery

Relapse prevention strategies are any activities that help you stay sober in a positive, productive way. You will learn all kinds of new things as you work on your sobriety. Some activities will help you, while others may feel useless. As you go through the process of recovery, understand that sometimes you'll find an activity that works perfectly for you, while other times the strategy will feel useless. Pay attention to what works for you and don't be afraid to try new activities.

Some useful ways you can help prevent a relapse include:

•   Heading to the library. In addiction treatment in Naples, you will learn the benefit of spending time reading and engaging with a good book.

•   Meeting with a friend. The art of sitting down and talking to someone face to face can't be overrated. With communication often dwindling down to text messages and emails, a good discussion with a friend over a cup of coffee can help you get back on the right track.

•   Making plans for the weekend. When you have something to look forward to, you will have a goal. If you are feeling lost and stressed out at work, make a plan to do something fun this weekend to keep yourself focused.

•   Joining an exercise class. If group exercise is not your thing, try it anyway. You may be surprised at how much fun you can have in a group setting while working up a sweat. If you are really out of shape, consider a low impact class to get started.

Find Your Tribe for Peer Support in the Community

Each person that you meet in your recovery will have a story to tell. If you pay attention to the people around you, the lessons that you can learn will be life-changing. When you connect with others as you learn about sobriety and move forward with your goals, these individuals will become integral to your overall success. Find people that inspire you, and don't be afraid to reach out to make a connection. The people you come in contact with while you are working your recovery program will be people you end up calling when you are struggling at home alone.

When you are able to build relationships with other people who struggle with addiction, you will no longer feel so alone in your sobriety. You will meet people that understand what you are going through on a personal level. Peer support has been proven as one of the most effective relapse prevention strategies for anyone struggling with addiction. You can keep your recovery strong by growing your support network. This is done by going to recovery meetings in the community and talking to other people. Share your contact information with people you are interested in getting to know more. This is expected when you go to 12-step groups, as it is understood that peer support is vital to your recovery.

Honesty in Your Interactions Helps You Grow in Recovery

When you are an addict, it can be difficult to talk about your feelings openly. Addiction is a disease that most people are ashamed of and try to hide. Being honest is not going to come naturally when you've worked hard to hide your addiction from other people for so long. Try to be mindful in your interactions with others and pay attention to being honest. If you find yourself starting to lie, pay attention to this and try to stop. If you aren't able to share openly, consider not sharing at the time. This list of a number of facilities that offer Drug Treatment in Naples can help you decide which treatment center is best for you.

When you work with a counselor to develop a treatment plan, you won't get much out of your plan if you aren't honest with your counselor. Remember that a counselor who has worked in addiction services has heard all kinds of stories. While your personal story may be horrifying to you, it is likely that your counselor has heard similar things before. Don't be afraid to show your authentic self while you are in recovery and you will discover that good things start happening in your life.

Know When You Are Headed for a Relapse

A relapse in your recovery usually doesn't happen on a whim. There will be early signs that your recovery is not strong and you are headed towards a relapse. The goal with addiction recovery in Naples is to learn what the signs are that indicate you could be headed for a relapse and figure out how to stop yourself before an actual relapse occurs.

Signs that you may be headed towards a relapse include:

•   Dreaming that you are using substances and remembering the good times you had while drunk or high. When you start to think back fondly to the memories you have from abusing substances, you could be headed towards a relapse.

•   Isolating yourself from the friends who have become your sobriety support system. If you find yourself skipping meetings or not returning phone calls, it's time to pay attention to what you are doing. Stop isolating yourself and reach out to a friend in your support network.

•   Wondering if you can just use a little and not get addicted. The very nature of addiction means that you crave more and more of the substance, even after just using it once. Recovery in Naples means learning that addiction can happen after one use of the substance and it is considered a relapse if you use once.

•   You feel tired of fighting your addiction. If you are looking for reasons to give in and you just don't want to fight any longer, you are very likely headed for a relapse and need help. Look for ways you can get support before you relapse.

If you have relapsed during your recovery, remember that relapse is often a part of the recovery process. When you relapse, it's time to find the help you need to get sober again. If you need to go to a supervised detox again, make the call for help. The longer you wait for treatment, the more you will continue to suffer from addiction. Don't allow your life to get back out of control now that you understand how to get sober once again.

Is It Time to Get Treatment for Addiction?

When you are even considering if it is time to get addiction treatment in Naples or not, it is probably time. If you are waiting for the perfect time to go to a supervised detox in Naples, you could be waiting forever. The time to get addiction may never feel right, but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't start anyway. Ask yourself some of the following, and you'll have a better idea of whether the time is right to get addiction treatment now:

•   Is my work life suffering because of my addiction?

•   Have I tried to stop on my own but have not been successful?

•   Has my partner complained about my substance abuse and I've been unable to change?

•   Am I actively hiding my behavior from my loved ones?

•   Do I make excuses about why I'm not going to treatment?

•   Do I want a better life for myself away from addiction but I don't know where to start?

When you are thinking about addiction treatment in Naples, make a move and call for help. You are never going to be entirely ready to go to treatment, but you are worth making the call. Don't allow your addiction to control your life any longer and go for the support you need to begin your journey. If you are questioning your addiction and want to learn more, call for help and ask the questions you have.

Don't Be Afraid to Seek Treatment for Your Addiction

Fear often plays a big role in why people don't seek addiction treatment right away. Rest assured that an addiction treatment facility in Naples that you enter is going to provide you with the compassionate care that you need to get started on your journey. You will encounter staff that understands what you are going through and that will be able to guide you through the early stages of recovery.

When you allow fear to take over, your addiction wins. Your life will continue to suffer as you wait for treatment, and you can't let your anxiety stop you. Know that you will be taken care of and that you will be safe. While you will have to work on your sobriety while you are in a program, you will have the guidance and support you need to get the work done successfully.

Various Programs for Addiction Treatment in Naples

Treatment programs for addiction are spread throughout Naples. With the increasing need for addiction treatment seen in many areas of the United States, Naples, Florida has seen growth in the number of treatment programs available. As you search for programs, understand that there are some differences when it comes to addiction treatment.

You may hear the term dual diagnosis treatment, which means that the program has a dual focus. You will be able to work on your addiction while also paying attention to your own mental health needs at the same time. Dual diagnosis treatment provides you with the best chance of success when you have an underlying mental health issue that needs to be addressed along with your addiction. Many of the centers for Drug Treatment in Naples will offer dual diagnosis treatment for you.

Why Choose Inpatient or Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Naples

The difference between inpatient and outpatient is simple. As an inpatient, you receive services while living in a facility. When you are an outpatient receiving services, you don't live there. Inpatient services can include supervised detox, sober living, or residential treatment that is short and long term. Outpatient services can be individual therapy, an IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program), or a PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program). Any services that you receive to help you with your addiction where you don't live in the program can be considered outpatient services.

To better understand whether inpatient or outpatient services work for you, think about what type of home environment you have. If you have been living on the streets and don't have a place that is safe, you'll want to go to residential treatment in order to build your way back into the community safely. You can go from supervised detox to a long-term treatment facility and then move on to a sober living program if you continue to need a safe and supportive place to live.

If you feel supported at home and you can still focus on your recovery after returning home, you'll find that an outpatient program will be enough support for you to heal from your addiction. Outpatient treatment can be enough for many people who are ready to work hard on their recovery and feel safe at home every night.

Stay Healthy and Stay Strong in Your Recovery

When you take good care of your health, you will have the strength you need in order to stay sober. A healthy diet and adequate exercise can have a big impact on your overall success as a person recovering from addiction. If you are in good health, you will have less of a response to stressful situations.

A good diet doesn't have to mean a complete change in your lifestyle. If you have a poor response to stress, be mindful of the amount of sugar and caffeine you consume every day. A high amount of caffeine can add to anxiety and increase your stress response. Taking care of your health will have a positive impact on your life and give you the strength you need to continue on with the work of addiction treatment.

Are You Ready for a Supervised Detox?

If you are abusing substances and you want to stop, you are ready for addiction treatment from a supervised detox in Naples. When you can't stop abusing substances on your own and you are tired of living the life of an addict, it's time to go to a supervised detox facility. If your life is out of control because of addiction and you no longer want to struggle with addiction, a supervised detox in Naples is waiting for you.

When you make the decision to go to a supervised detox facility for addiction treatment, you will be able to heal from your addiction. The withdrawal process can be difficult, and this is why you are never supposed to withdraw from substances at home alone. You are ready for a supervised detox if you have tried to quit on your own but you have not been able to. You deserve to heal from your addiction, but you have to take the right steps to do it right.

Addiction Treatment in Naples and What You Can Expect

While each center for Drug Treatment in Naples will be a bit different, you can expect to be treated with compassion and respect as you work on your addiction. Treatment length will depend on where you are at in the recovery process and the type of insurance coverage you have. While health insurance plans provide coverage for addiction treatment, the level of coverage and the type of care you can receive will be determined by your specific insurance plan.

If you don't have health insurance coverage, your choices will be a public treatment facility or paying for a private addiction treatment center. When finances are the determining factor in choosing treatment, a public addiction treatment in Naples will give you the support and guidance you need in a comfortable, professional setting. While you won't get the same luxury as with a private addiction treatment center, you will get all the addiction treatment you need to work on your addiction and recovery.

Understanding Alcohol Addiction Why Alcoholics Don't Get Treatment

Alcohol addiction often goes untreated for a long time because alcohol abuse tends to be socially acceptable. There is a fine line between alcohol addiction and social drinking, and this is a line that is crossed all of the time. To better understand alcohol addiction, it's important to know the difference between drinking socially and drinking like an addict. In general, if you are always planning your next adventure based on where and what you can drink, you probably have an issue with alcohol. When your social plans rotate around the next party and you get upset if a party doesn't include drinking, there is probably a problem.

If you are wondering if you are an alcoholic and you are considering alcohol addiction treatment in Naples, ask yourself the following:

•   Have you given up alcohol for Lent?

•   Do you get mad if your plans to go out drinking are changed to a non-drinking event?

•   Do you often need hangover remedies?

•   Have you don't things you regret because of alcohol?

•   Do you ever drink until you black out?

•   Have you driven a car under the influence of alcohol?

If you have made bad decisions and continue to make the same mistakes because of alcohol addiction, you probably need help to stop drinking. While social drinking once in a while is normal, blacking out and always looking for opportunities to drink is not. The social acceptance of alcoholic behavior doesn't mean it is a safe or healthy way for you to live. When you don't want to live the life of an alcoholic anymore, there is help available to you when you ask for it.

It's Time to Seek Treatment for Addiction in Naples and Get Your Life Back

Struggling with addiction is no joke. Your life can improve and you can have a positive impact on those around you when you start the recovery process to get your life back. While the entire process may seem overwhelming, remember that addiction treatment is best taken on day by day. You can't look at recovery as lifelong, or you will fast get stressed out from the prospect. When you take each day of addiction treatment as it comes, you will have a better focus on your sobriety.

Work with a counselor to develop an individualized treatment plan that will meet your treatment needs and give you an idea of what to expect in the coming months as you go through treatment. Recovery begins with time in a supervised detox facility and will continue on through treatment to learn about relapse prevention strategies.

You will be encouraged to work with an individual therapist to have a neutral party support you during the process. While friends are a great support, an individual therapist will be able to work with you in a different way and offer you therapeutic support to aid you in your recovery. When you are able to get to the reasons behind your addiction, you are going to find that you can grow as a person and become stronger.

You deserve to live a happy, healthier life. When you are in addiction recovery, you will learn about your habits and behaviors that have led to your addiction. You will be able to get help for your addiction and be able to work through the issues that exacerbated your addiction. No one should have to live under the veil of addiction, and treatment centers in Naples understand what you are going through.

Stop Waiting for Your Life to Improve Without Addiction Treatment in Naples

Remember that addiction never gets better without professional help. While you can try to hope that the addiction goes away by itself, this is not going to happen. As your addiction continues, your addiction is only going to get worse. Addiction never improves over time. When your body craves the substance you are addicted to, you require more and more of the substance in order to maintain the same high and stay free from the side effects of withdrawal.

Withdrawal from substances can begin within a few hours after your last use, and this is why so many people continue to abuse substances. When the withdrawal symptoms start, you will begin to feel uncomfortable. As time goes on, the symptoms will only continue to get worse as the substances leave your body. For those that are home alone, this is when most people relapse. The urge to use to stop the withdrawal symptoms is very powerful, especially in the early stages of detox.

As you work through detox at a professional facility, you will get help during this time to stay safe and manage your symptoms. Once detox is complete, you will be able to move on to the emotional side of addiction. You will be able to learn new ways of behavior that allow you to take your life back one day at a time. You are going to be successful in your recovery, but you have to make the choice to get better. When you call for help, you are taking a huge step at getting the life you have always dreamed about.

Addiction may be controlling your life now, but you will be able to take the control back from addiction with professional treatment in Naples. Use this list of Drug Treatment in Naples in order to locate one that is best suited to you.

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