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Learn about successful programs available at Naples addiction detox centers to guide you through a bright recovery.

Addiction is more likely to affect those who are under a lot of stress or suffering from depression or countless other ailments. Financial problems, work related stress, anxiety, or another mental health disorder could put many people at risk that otherwise would not be susceptible to substance abuse under normal circumstances. Many addicts are self-medicating in some way and need help getting clean and learning how to deal with life's trials and tribulations without the crutch of alcohol or drugs. Naples addiction detox centers, are there to help those who are facing the reality of their addiction and are ready to seek help. Those considering treatment for drug and alcohol addiction Naples should be aware of these statistics as reported by the World Health Organization:

  • Alcohol abuse results in 3.3 million deaths each year.
  • Alcohol is a psychoactive substance that can cause more than 200 diseases and conditions in individuals that abuse it, including dependence, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, cancers, and physical injuries.
  • Both drug and alcohol abuses carry a significant risk for brain damage.
  • At least 15.3 million people have drug use disorders.
  • Injecting drug use is reported in 148 countries, of which 120 have reported HIV infection.
  • Abuse of alcohol and illicit drugs burdens society through costs that are associated with crime, health care expenses, as well as deaths due to negligence or accidents, domestic violence, and child abuse.

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction Naples, offers a variety of programs that effectively combat all types of addiction for people in different stages of life, including individuals who suffer from substance abuse as well as co-existing mental health disorders. Naples rehab and detox centers in Tampa treat drug addiction successfully with several steps:

  • Detoxification – the process in which the body purges toxic drugs or alcohol from its system. Naples addiction detox centers are equipped with medical staff to monitor every patient going through detox closely to reduce side effects associated with withdrawal.
  • Behavioral therapies, including learning beneficial life skills, and developing different attitudes and behaviors that are associated with drug or alcohol use.
  • Prescribing the right medication to assist patients with withdrawal, cravings, or other medical conditions.
  • Evaluation and treatment for any mental health issues that may be co-occurring such as depression or anxiety.
  • Development of long term, aftercare treatment plans for each patient to ensure sobriety and relapse prevention.

While in treatment, patients may be given medications that can help restore normal brain activity and reduce cravings to use drugs or alcohol. Naples addiction detox centers are well resourced with licensed medical staff and facilities to medically supervise the detoxification process to keep patients safe and comfortable through the first stage of recovery. To achieve this, medicines may be used to relieve pain, nausea, insomnia, restlessness, and dysphoria, all of which are side effects of withdrawal. Other medications may be used to treat mental health or other medical conditions as well.

There is a wide range of treatment options available that come after a patient's stay at Naples addiction detox centers and are an integral part to living a sober life and sustaining long-term recovery. Known as an aftercare treatment plan, it includes support-based services for individuals in recovery as well as family members affected by addiction. Group meetings, such as AA are usually a part of an individual's recovery plan.

Continued cognitive-behavioral therapy is also essential after completing intensive inpatient treatment. This therapy helps addicts identify situations in which they are most likely to relapse and utilize steps to avoid them. Sometimes, depending on how the patient has progressed while in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in Naples, recovery housing may be the best next step. This provides short term, supervised housing for newly sober individuals where they can receive help with transitioning back to living independently in the real world. Usually, services also include getting the individual on a daily routine and connected to community support services.

For those considering Naples rehab and detox centers, it is important to remember that making the commitment to get help is the first step in recovery and the start of a new life. If you or a loved one is dealing with addiction and would like to learn more about getting treatment and finding the right rehab that meets your needs at one of Naples rehab and detox centers, call today: (877) 804-1531 and learn more about the different types of addiction treatment programs available, or visit:




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